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Being Ambitious Doesn’t Make You Selfish

Society, parents, and organizations want you to believe that focusing on what you want is selfish and that putting others’ goals, choices, and wants before our own is beneficial. It might be beneficial to other people, but it is not advantageous for you. Neglecting our wants for those of other people can create resentment, regret, […]

The Mulan Complex: How this heroine illustrates the struggle for mompreneurs

In Chinese culture, Hua Mulan is an iconic female heroine. As you might remember from Disney’s depiction of the heroine, Hua Mulan lived according to Chinese cultural standards until her father was conscripted for the army. To avoid her elderly father entering the army, Mulan disguised herself as a man and took her father’s place. […]

Musterbation: Stop rubbing yourself the wrong way

How often do you musterbate? What about the people you know? Some of them might musterbate a lot, maybe even daily. Now before you assume where this conversation is going, be sure you read that word correctly – MUSTerbate. While I wish I could take credit for creating this word, it was Albert Ellis, a […]

Elian: Readjusting to Your (Social) Life after Lockdown

For the past year or more, a lot of us have been itching to be able to leave our homes, socialize with loved ones, travel, and many other activities that used to be a part of our norm. Now, with COVID-related deaths decreasing and access to the vaccine increasing, the world is starting to open […]

Dr. Tom: A Solution Looking for a Problem

How does leadership reinforce creation of negative work environments? We like to believe that rumors, backstabbing and harassment occur within the lower ranks of organizations.  As with most behavior, it survives and thrives where it is reinforced.  When leaders in an organization are pulled away from the day to day operations of that organization, the […]

Coaching or Therapy: 3 questions to determine your approach

This is a common question from individuals trying to decide whether the life challenges they are experiencing are at the level of needing a coach or needing a therapist. There is a lot of overlap between both practices particularly if the therapist you are considering is trained in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Both CBT and […]

Dr. Robin: Therapy vs. Coaching: What is the right approach for you?

What’s the difference between therapy and coaching? This is a common question from individuals trying to decide whether the life challenges they are experiencing are at the level of needing a coach or needing a therapist. There is a lot of overlap between both practices particularly if the therapist you are considering is trained in […]

The Show of Delights (podcast)

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Dr. Robin: Seeing joy

Joy. Lately I’ve heard from many patients, friends and family that it is getting harder to “find joy”.  Students feeling trapped in an endless timeline of Zoom classes. Families getting on each other’s nerves. Parents multitasking their roles of employees and home school teachers. Individuals feeling isolated. How do you “find joy” when there seems […]

Dr. Robin: Why our kids will be okay

There is fascinating research on how historical events shape the overall characteristics of each generation. For example, individuals in the Veterans generation (~1920s-1945) were shaped by World War II and the Great Depression. Because of these events, this generation tends to be stable, frugal and hard working. They tend to be more conforming and dislike […]

Dr. Robin: The best of 2020 (yes, really)

The predominant perspective on 2020 was a year filled with negative events. From politics to a pandemic, there were many stories, events and moments which seemed like they came out of some dystopian novel. But challenges bring opportunities for learning and growth that would not likely occur in times of ease and comfort. So what […]

Dr. Robin on Happiness Talks (10/31/20)—Mental-Health-Talks-with-Dr–Robin-Buckley-elr9j4

Elian: Self grace and gratitude

It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving 2020 is nearly upon us! The holiday season can bring both excitement and anxiety for many people, because of the pressures that come along with it. Thanksgiving can be one of the most difficult holidays for those trying to work on body image acceptance and improving their relationship […]

Dr. Robin: Why is mental health different than physical health?

Every year many of us make sure we do things to take care of our physical health. As a female, we go for an annual gynecological appointment and mammogram. We see our dentists twice for cleaning and a check up. We get an annual flu shot. We visit our dermatologists and our ophthalmologists. This list […]

Dr. Robin: Celebrating an empty nest (originally published 9/19)

A friend of mine put a post on Facebook that hit me right in the primitive core of my maternal gut. The post read: “Crazy how it is the small things that make you pause. I went to set the table for dinner and only set out 3 places.” The impact of this post only […]

Dr. Robin: Death of a pet

It’s an interesting experience as a therapist to face a situation in which you need the strategies and skills you usually help other people apply in their own lives. Our weeks are spent supporting other people through pain, anxiety, depression, sadness, transitions, and so it feels almost surprising when we are suddenly in more of […]

Dr. Tom: Changing the paradigm of death

The nature of death and dying from the perspective of those “left behind” remains steeped in tradition.  Some of these traditions can be traced back to our ancestors on the uncharted American frontier. Our modern day “wakes” were initiated at that time to allow for those unfortunate enough to be mistaken as “dead” to awake […]

Destimatizing Therapy: Dr. Robin on NH Perspective with Jeff Chidester (podcast 5/10/20)

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Mental Health & Essential Workers: Dr. Robin on NH Perspective with Jeff Chidester (podcast 5/17/20)

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Dr. Robin: Creating an internal world of “here & now”

“Do you think the school will have graduation for the seniors?” “I can’t wait for summer and surfing and just being with my friends. Do you think the beaches will be open by then?” “When do you think we’ll be able to stop doing social distancing?” “What if the governor sticks with the May 4th […]