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New Year’s Resolutions by Cecelia Tarr

As we step into a new year, it’s only natural for many of us to set intentions and resolutions for the months ahead. While the excitement of a fresh start is contagious, it’s important to approach these aspirations with a mindful and compassionate mindset, especially for those battling with eating disorders. First, let’s acknowledge that […]

Ask an Expert: Sheri Flaherty

Written by: Elisabeth Hutchins Interviewed: Sheri Flaherty What made Sheri decide to become a therapist? Stemming from one of the core attributes of a therapist, empathy was the backbone to Sheri’s why to become a therapist. Empathy in brief, is one’s ability to put oneself in another’s shoes regardless of differences. Through her work with […]

12 Days of Relationship Connection During the Holidays – Adrienne Dwyer

The holiday season can seem like a whirlwind time to be in a relationship. Between the normal work/life balance, family get-togethers, ‘friendsgivings’, and trying to create traditions of your own while in a partnership…the weeks can go by quickly. That is why it is important to take time to be present and grounded, both in […]

How to Blend Holiday Traditions in a New Relationship – Adrienne Dwyer

Blending family traditions and rituals during the holiday season can seem like a daunting task, especially at the beginning of a new relationship. It is natural for people to feel emotionally tied to holiday traditions and memories they have had since childhood. And, it is equally as natural for people to feel like they want […]

What Ted Lasso-like Media Can Teach You About Success

This will not be an analysis of the leadership of Jason Sudeikis’ character, Coach Ted Lasso. While I would debate that there is value in looking at this unlikely protagonist to guide leaders, this is a discussion on how media like “Ted Lasso” can be part of a strategy to enhance success in your life. […]

Falling In Love Again With Your Spouse: Dr. Robin Buckley On 5 Things You Need To Rekindle Love In A Marriage That Has Gone Cold

To rekindle love is to work on a mission statement. Many individuals know the mission statement for the organizations they work for, and they can tell me why a mission statement is valuable. But few couples have a written mission statement for their relationship. And how strange is that? We know mission statements help move […]

Achieve Exactly What You Want – Dr. Robin Buckley

Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey but unsure what to expect? Then read up on our interview with Dr. Robin Buckley, Owner and Founder of Insights Group Psychological & Coaching Services and Dr. Robin Buckley Coaching, located in Rye, NH, USA. Read the whole article here.

7 Barriers to Gender-Affirming Care and How to Overcome Them – Dr. Laura on Livestrong.com

Gender-affirming care refers to any treatment or procedure done to help people dealing with the effects of gender dysphoria, or the desire to be of another gender. And while this kind of care is exceptionally important for the health and safety of transgender and gender-nonconforming people, it can be difficult to access. Read the whole […]

What I Wish More People Knew About Queer Parenting – Dr. Laura on PsychCentral

The road to queer parenting isn’t easy, but a support system can help you prioritize your mental health as you navigate the barriers. Read the whole post here.

Is it pandemic anxiety or is it OCD? – Elian Beattie

Is it anxiety from the pandemic or is it OCD? Over the past two years, the fear surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic caused a lot of us to take a closer look at our hygiene, where germs live in our home, and how illness might spread from person to person, even on a microscopic level. People […]

The best gift you can give this holiday season – Elian Beattie

You might see a lot of posts this holiday season with lists of the perfect gift to buy for your loved ones. Somewhere in the spirit of being thoughtful, we can lose sight of the person we’re actually “buying for.” There is one thing you can give to everyone on your list regardless of age, […]

Goal-setting in executive coaching – Dr. Robin

You’ve decided to work with an executive coach to help with your career goals or professional development. Now what? The platform of executive coaching is created from your goals and establishing these goals is the first step towards your success. Executive coaching will often start with the creation of a three-tier plan. The first tier […]

Lessons from a coach – Dr. Robin

My daughter’s high school varsity volleyball team won the State Championships this past weekend. It was an amazing experience to watch, even more so because this group of girls are incredible. They support each other, LIKE each other, visibly and audibly have fun when warming up or playing together, and credit their success to being […]

Leaving the Past Behind and Choosing How to Think – Dr. Robin

My 16-year-old daughter walked into my bedroom this morning, seemingly angry. This is my kid who has always valued justice and kindness, and when she sees someone being hurt or attacked, it infuriates her. In this case, it was a teammate who had been cornered by two other players after she went to the coach […]

Being Ambitious Doesn’t Make You Selfish

Society, parents, and organizations want you to believe that focusing on what you want is selfish and that putting others’ goals, choices, and wants before our own is beneficial. It might be beneficial to other people, but it is not advantageous for you. Neglecting our wants for those of other people can create resentment, regret, […]

The Mulan Complex: How this heroine illustrates the struggle for mompreneurs

In Chinese culture, Hua Mulan is an iconic female heroine. As you might remember from Disney’s depiction of the heroine, Hua Mulan lived according to Chinese cultural standards until her father was conscripted for the army. To avoid her elderly father entering the army, Mulan disguised herself as a man and took her father’s place. […]

Musterbation: Stop rubbing yourself the wrong way

How often do you musterbate? What about the people you know? Some of them might musterbate a lot, maybe even daily. Now before you assume where this conversation is going, be sure you read that word correctly – MUSTerbate. While I wish I could take credit for creating this word, it was Albert Ellis, a […]

Readjusting to Your (Social) Life after Lockdown – Elian Beattie

For the past year or more, a lot of us have been itching to be able to leave our homes, socialize with loved ones, travel, and many other activities that used to be a part of our norm. Now, with COVID-related deaths decreasing and access to the vaccine increasing, the world is starting to open […]

A Solution Looking for a Problem – Dr. Tom

How does leadership reinforce creation of negative work environments? We like to believe that rumors, backstabbing and harassment occur within the lower ranks of organizations.  As with most behavior, it survives and thrives where it is reinforced.  When leaders in an organization are pulled away from the day to day operations of that organization, the […]

Coaching or Therapy: 3 questions to determine your approach

This is a common question from individuals trying to decide whether the life challenges they are experiencing are at the level of needing a coach or needing a therapist. There is a lot of overlap between both practices particularly if the therapist you are considering is trained in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Both CBT and […]