Your mental wellness team

At an individual or organizational level, the professionals at Insights can help you achieve your personal and professional goals. We offer a diverse selection of opportunities to achieve your best including cognitive behavior therapy, coaching (executive, life, sports, couples), psychological assessments, and professional development.

Dr. Robin Buckley

Executive Coach 
Relationship Strategist

The clients I work with do not want to waste time. They want to determine what they want, create strategic plans towards their goals, and achieve success. I help them to reduce the emotional doubts or upheaval, and organize their thinking in a logical, objective way. They can drop all coping mechanisms, doubts and social demands to authentically connect with what they want their lives to be. They are able to voice their challenges and determine strategies towards their optimal professional and personal lives.

In addition, I work with couples looking to establish strong foundations before commitment or couples who want to strengthen a current relationship. Unlike couples therapy, my sessions focus on the present and future, using strength-based and goal-focused approaches. Through the use of specific models, couples coaching allows for objective spaces in which couples can create concrete, logical plans for their future without the distraction of emotional upheaval.

Overall, clients work with me to determine the cognitive or emotional roadblocks hindering the lives they want, and then determine the best strategies to effectively manage these blocks. This allows for clarity to consider options, to identify solutions and to formulate plans. Through this, clients see immediate changes in their present lives and develop energy to manifest long-term goals.

Dr. Tom Grebouski, LCMHC

Peak Performance Specialist
Cognitive Behavioral Therapist

My clients work with me to achieve their professional and athletic goals when cognitive and emotional obstacles are getting in the way.  With my PhD in Clinical Psychology and my work as an executive coach and sports coach, I can help. While changes can be hard to create, seeking support will help to reduce the stress and create immediate results. I utilize cognitive behavior strategies to personalize and speed the return to optimal functioning.

I also specialize in the treatment of anxiety and the related challenges that impact adolescents and adults.  Treatment is also available for a range of overlapping clinical issues including performance anxiety, depression, attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Therapy dog support is incorporated into sessions as appropriate for my clients’ needs.

Professional development workshops and information seminars are another part of my professional work. I guide executives and their teams, or individuals supporting athletes, as part of the process toward clients’ goals. The workshops I create and facilitate help professional groups optimize performance by reducing roadblocks and allowing growth for greater professional and personal satisfaction.

Dr. Daniel Angell

Psychological Evaluator

Dr. Laura Obert


I specialize in working with the LGBTQ population and their families. As a member of this community who was also trained specifically in working with this community, I believe I have both a personal and professional understanding of the various factors that uniquely affect the LGBTQ community.

While therapy might be necessary for some individuals and families during times of transition, Coaching provides a space to focus on the present and move forward together as individuals, partners or families.

In my role as a Coach, I work with LGBTQ individuals to navigate the process of living their authentic lives both cognitively and logistically. I also work with partners, parents, and families to support their understanding of their loved ones’ transitions. Whether they need space to ask delicate questions, understand the process their loved ones are going through, or process their own thoughts around their loved ones’ changes, my work as a Coach facilitates the family members’ personal growth and their relationship with their loved ones.

Elian M. Beattie, M.S., LMHC

Cognitive Behavioral Therapist

Beginning therapy or finding the right therapist can often seem overwhelming if you are not sure where to start. My clients receive individualized, evidence-based treatment approaches that allow them to be empowered to challenge and change aspects of themselves and their lives they want to be different. My approach is genuine, compassionate, and a combination of unconditional support and being held accountable when needed. Each session is a place for you to be your authentic self and take a closer look at thought and behavioral patterns that may be holding you back from where or who you want to be.

My background in residential treatment settings specializing in eating disorders and obsessive compulsive disorders has prepared me to help those who are not sure if change is possible. I use a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and exposure and response prevention (ERP) to help bring you change that will last a lifetime. I have expertise working with adolescents through older adults struggling with body image issues, an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise, and obsessive needs for control, order, and perfection. Additionally, I work with those struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship issues, and grief. I am committed to treating each individual as a whole and seeing every person’s strengths and potential.

Suerae Stein, M.A., LMHC


I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. If you are facing anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, difficult life changes, self-esteem issues, grief, and/or substance abuse, I work collaboratively with you towards improving your mental wellbeing and your life. I provide a safe, caring, non-judgmental space, and can help you gain insight into problems, fears, and behaviors which may be creating or compounding your difficulties. I will support you in processing your challenges, while exploring problem solving strategies that lead to empowerment and healthy change.

I can help you find new ways to cope with current life situations that may be more effective than those previously used. I use modalities such as CBT, solution-focused, psychodynamic, mindfulness, relational, and supportive counseling to understand and build on strengths that you already have and enhance areas in need of more support.

I consider the therapeutic relationship a very important part of counseling and clients have told me that I am approachable, kind, compassionate, honest, easy to talk to, and non-judgmental. I invite you to take that first step toward empowerment and improved emotional well being.

Matthew Garthwait, M.S.W., LICSW, MLADC

Cognitive Behavioral Therapist

I work with people on a variety of issues, typically those struggling with anxiety/depression, stress management, substance abuse and addiction. There are moments in our lives that feel extra stressful or overwhelming and this is perhaps more true today given these especially challenging times. This is when having strong, healthy coping strategies and the right tools can help us feel back in control with the ability to better manage life again.

I have 20 years of helping people find new perspectives on problems, better ways to manage stress, anxieties and addictions. I work with adolescents (14-17) and adults. I have a speciality in Opiate dependance counseling and treatment and provide substance abuse evaluations for the courts, employers, or school systems.

My process is down to earth and relational in nature. I use evidenced based, client centered approaches drawing on cognitive behavioral and motivational models. In counseling, clients develop the tools to challenge unhealthy thinking patterns, regulate their emotions, manage stress and increase confidence. I’m currently working primarily via Teletherapy.

Sheri Flaherty, M.S.W., LICSW

Cognitive Behavioral Therapist

I find working with children, adolescents, and adults to be very rewarding. Clients of all ages thrive when they are seen and heard. I find they grow when they are provided a safe space to explore their past, present and goals for the future.

In my role as a therapist, I strive to provide that special relationship that can help clients achieve their potential happiness. Through Cognitive Behavioral, Strengths Based, and Solution Focused approaches to therapy, my goal is to support and guide clients to find the answers they need. These approaches gently support clients through their transitions out of their present distress and toward a more carefree and mindful way to live life.

Prior to working with Insights Group, I worked with children and adolescents as well as adults with severe and persistent mental illness. My experience has provided me with a wealth of knowledge and creative experience to bring to my approach to therapy.

Cecelia Tarr, M.S.W., LICSW Candidate


As a LICSW candidate and social work clinician, I work with those struggling with eating disorders and body image distortions. I work with youth through adult clients who are looking to form a healthy relationship with food and exercise. I also work with athletes who are looking to improve their performance through increased positive thoughts about food and sport.

I have prior experience working with children, adolescents, and families in a community mental health agency, providing support and therapeutic intervention for youth struggling with mental illness. During graduate school I completed research about the role of sport for positive youth development, the role of social workers within sport, and therapeutic skills social workers use in a dual role as sport coaches. This research, in addition to my part-time role as the diving coach at the University of New Hampshire, has solidified how I work with athletes, and clients.

I use evidence based, client centered, and strength-based approaches when working with clients. I have experience working with depression, anxiety, trauma, and family-relational issues. I use methods that incorporate cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and mindfulness through experiential therapy. I look forward to working together to develop skills for emotional and physical wellbeing.

Adrienne Dwyer, M.A., LMHC Candidate


I am passionate about helping couples and families navigate difficult life transitions, family conflict, relationship issues and the feelings such as stress, anxiety, depression, or shame that can often accompany these times. I also work with individual clients who are experiencing these symptoms and feel like it is affecting their relationships. I believe you are the expert in your life, and I use a collaborative approach built on mutual trust.

I have experience working in community mental health settings, as well as outpatient centers, with a variety of populations. Having a diverse background helps me utilize many approaches (attachment focused, solution focused, cognitive behavioral interventions) in order to meet the unique needs of my clients. Together, clients and I take action to accomplish mutual goals. These include getting to the root of why an individual, couple, or family feels “stuck”; improving communication patterns; and healing from past traumas and experiences in relationships that may be affecting your current ones.

I decided to pursue a career in counseling after experiencing firsthand the perspective that can come from introspective yet goal-oriented work. A quote that I firmly believe in and often use with myself, as well as my clients is, “We are wounded in relationships, and we can heal in relationships”.

Elisabeth Hutchins

Counseling Intern

Choosing to take the next step on your healing journey can seem daunting given the unknowns. I strive to provide my clients a welcoming, safe, and collaborative space to embark on their next path. My approach of individualized care, compassionate listening, curiosity, and allowing your authentic self to enter the space will lead to lasting change and empowerment. I work with youth through adults who have eating disorders or disordered eating, struggle with their relationship with food and body, low self-esteem, and athletes.

Additionally, I have experience working with those with anxiety, depression, and trauma. I am grounded in strengths-based, evidence-based treatment approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), solution-focused therapy (SFT), and mindfulness.

I am in the process of earning my Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a concentration in eating disorders. My Bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training/Sports Medicine and my experiences in my Master’s program have solidified how I interact with clients. I look forward to encouraging you on your path towards healing.

Wendy Harmon

Executive Assistant

As the Executive Assistant for Insights Group, I work to ensure the behind-the-scenes details of running the practice are organized and efficient. I take care of details regarding billing, new client communication, and initial client interface to streamline the processes of the business. This allows the therapists and coaches to devote their attention to the support of their clients. In addition, my work also ensures a smooth process for clients so they can focus on the therapeutic or coaching work that will make their lives healthier and happier. With my background as a BCaBA, I understand the importance of taking care of the details so that the practitioner and client can work together to best meet the client’s goals, quickly and effectively.