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I was worried about my teenage daughter and felt helpless.

She finally agreed to meet with Dr. Robin after having a panic attack. Knowing she was about to go off to college, she finally understood she needed to address her mental health. She had been to therapy before but had never connected with the therapist. She quickly and naturally connected with Dr. Robin and started to open up to her immediately. I could just see this huge sense of relief come over her after the first session. After a couple of more sessions, I saw a complete 360 with her. She lifted out of her depression and she started talking to me. It’s as if she now had the tools to be able to express herself and feel confident in what she had to say. She put the sessions to use and did the work to help herself. She values Dr. Robin’s advice, respects her as an expert and opens herself up to accepting help. She is now a happier young woman, much more confident, more expressive and more motivated. I am not worried about her anymore and as a mother, that is the greatest feeling I could have. I am so happy we got her in with Dr. Robin, it has been life changing. In addition, the office is warm and inviting. As a patient there you will not feel intimidated or out of place. It feels like a safe place and immediately puts you at ease. I have found Insights to be extremely responsive and I know if help is needed outside of an appointment, I can get it. They genuinely care about you.