Jillian Seigel

Over the last year and a half, working with Elian has been so rewarding and helpful through my OCD and eating disorder treatment. I am only leaving the practice because I recently moved to DC. Through our work, I now have a toolset that helps guide me through my daily life, and I have developed more self-confidence and healthy habits.

It is truly amazing how far I have come in just a short amount of time. Elian saw me through several life transitions: new job, new relationship, moving, among so many other things but, more importantly, I am in a place in my life where my OCD and ED are not my primary / daily concerns. I have grown so much and it’s crazy to think about where I was when I first started working with her. Elian is kind and compassionate but knows exactly when to “push.” I am incredibly grateful for all of Elian’s help and cannot recommend her more highly!

Tracy, Hampton, NH

Elian has been wonderful working with our daughter.

Our daughter has generalized anxiety as well as food allergies. While our daughter is only 10, Elian has really been able to have Abby engage in wanting to lead her best life. The small goals set along the way have lead to increased self-confidence as well as happiness.


Candice, Exeter, NH

I absolutely love [Elian], I am so grateful to have a therapist like her.

She is the best therapist I have ever had and her energy is warm, comforting and safe. I love speaking with her and she has truly levelled me up and helped me with so much. I feel lucky to have a therapist like her. Everything she says she speaks from her heart, she listens, educates, motivates, and her words have kept me going.