Sandy, ME

We are pleased with how our teenage son is responding to working with Cecelia.

I was curious to know how he would react to the whole process, but he is open and wants the help he needs, and he has been very receptive to Cecelia. Cecelia has been great with us (his parents) too. She is so responsive, more than what we could have hoped for.

It is uncharted territory for us and a bit unnerving, and she has made the process smooth. She allows us to communicate with her (not necessarily for a response, but so we can keep her updated on new issues). This is our sons journey and as a parent it can be hard to sit back and let him independently work on himself but from his feedback and our little bit of interaction we really feel positive on the process. We are still at the very beginning of this all but believe Insight Group (although outside our insurance coverage) was the best decision for our son.

Cecelia has also dealt with his challenging schedule and has been so supportive. I can’t thank her enough; I feel so fortunate to have found your group. 🙏🏻


Best therapist I’ve ever had. Cece listens to me and really comes up with ways to cope.