Katherine, Stratham, NH

Tom is my daughter’s therapist. He has helped my daughter make huge strides with her situation.

MM, Anchorage, AK

I love my sessions with Dr. Tom. He’s helping me get over my scarcity mindset and scale my business. I’m very happy with how everything’s going.


You changed our son’s life so successfully. He told me he scored 32 points during the basketball travel team try-out scrimmage game last weekend and had never felt more confident shooting. He said there was no one at tryouts that he would want to trade places with because his performance was one of the best. It is such a change to hear him talking so confidently. When I was worried about something recently, he immediately stated some strategies and ways to think about the situation to try to help me. He said he learned them from Dr. Tom and that they are really helpful.

EF, Northwood, NH

Dr. Tom has helped my daughter IMMENSELY. She was suffering from extreme anxiety about her barn/horse/trainer this past Spring. He’s given her the tools to deal with SO much. And she’s handling things so much better. Every time she talks to him, she’s so happy and relaxed. He’s wonderful, and we love him alot.

SB, Dover, NH

Tom Grebouski has been working with my daughter for a little over a year now. I cannot say enough about him.

Tom is absolutely amazing with children and adults of all ages. My daughter was going through an extremely difficult time with her anxiety. It was at an all-time high and greatly affecting her school days. As soon as we reached out to Tom he not only began seeing her, but he worked with my husband and me, as well. He also held a few workshops at her school on anxiety and met with her teachers to give them strategies to help her be more successful in her classes. This approach set the foundation for EVERYONE to be on the same page. It set our daughter on a path in which she could succeed because everyone around her understood and was trying to work with her in a similar way. This plan not only helped to ease her anxiety, but it allowed her to start taking control of her feelings and her fears.

There are so many qualities Tom has that I can rave about, but I think his accessibility and compassion are among the best. If we had questions, we could reach out to him and he would get back to us right away. The same held true for her teachers. He looked at our daughter and you could tell he was treating her for the person she was. He wasn’t trying to get her to fit a mold or change, he was simply trying to bring the best out in her by giving her tools and strategies so she could gain self-confidence.

Tom truly cares, not only about his patients but about their families as well. The difference we saw in our little girl was AMAZING. He had a way of getting our 10-year-old to truly think. With every appointment, we saw so much progress. He had a way of helping her navigate the situations that seemed overwhelming to her and helped her to take things one step at a time so her day to day schedule became much more manageable.

Every day we see her confidence growing, we hear how she is using Tom’s strategies and can see a tremendous difference. When we think back to a year ago, it is as if we are looking at a different child. She is doing so much better in school, her grades have improved, her attitude has improved, she is much more positive. When she has a difficult day, she can now reflect on what she could try to do differently the next time she is in a similar situation.

Tom was able to connect with her in a way we didn’t know how to at a very difficult time. He guided us with calm compassion and extensive knowledge, letting us know it was going to be ok. He encouraged us, directed us, and mostly, he supported us.

I would highly recommend him, not only for children but for adults, as well. If you are looking for measurable results you don’t have to look any further than Tom.

QA, Valrico, FL

Dr. Tom is incredibly effective at getting the best results from his clients to hit their goals quickly.

Tom believes in treating his clients in a way to best address their needs and goals, but to get results so that their struggles and obstacles become manageable as quickly as possible. His approach works because he looks at his clients as individuals, rather than fitting into a typical mold.