Reliable and valid research can help professionals strengthen their organizations.

Whether by substantiating the credibility of an organization, the viability of a strategy or the effectiveness of a decision, data and research are essential elements in the 21st century workplace. The challenge for many organizations is how to create research plans which target their specific needs or optimize their professional goals. The research consultant division of Insights Group works with individuals and groups to determine research plans which integrate the needs of the client with appropriate research practices.

The Insights Group research consultants can help an organization develop a research plan at any stage of the process:

  • Helping an organization identify research opportunities within the setting to promote the organization’s goals and mission;
  • Working with the client to learn what areas require research within an organization, and then creating a research plan to meet those needs;
  • Collaborating with an organization to determine the best methodological approach to researching a particular area or topic;
  • Determining the validity and reliability of a research agenda;
    Analyzing data already collected and ensuring a clear understanding of the results to the client;
  • Helping the client draft the “write up” of the research project and results for presentation or publication;
  • Creating an organization based upon data-driven decisions and leadership.