Evaluation Acknowledgement

Dr. Daniel Angell conducts evaluations at the Insights Group office in Rye, NH. The process works as follows:

Once you decide you want to move forward, Dr. Angell will contact you to schedule an intake call with you. The purpose of this call is to get background and developmental history information which are required parts of a psychological evaluation report, as well as to get further details about the presenting problem or concerns so he can create an evaluation specific to the situation. The fee for the intake call is $250.

Within approximately 2 weeks of the intake call, Dr. Angell would schedule the first day of testing. Testing usually takes place over 2 or more days. The first half of the evaluation fee is due before the first testing day.

Within 3-4 weeks from the last day of testing, you would meet with Dr. Angell to review the results and get a copy of the report. The report will include diagnosis (if any) and recommendations to address the presenting issues. The final half of the evaluation fee is due 24 hours prior to the meeting.

If you provide a credit or other card for payment, the Executive Assistant will charge your card according to the above mentioned schedule.

Payment can be made via credit/debit card, HSA card, check, cash, or Venmo. The practice does not accept insurance, but if you want to submit for potential reimbursement, Dr. Angell can provide you with a receipt to do so on your own. The cost of the evaluation varies depending upon the extent of the evaluation. Dr. Angell can quote the final cost after the intake call. The evaluation fee does not include the initial intake call fee of $250.


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