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The predominant perspective on 2020 was a year filled with negative events. From politics to a pandemic, there were many stories, events and moments which seemed like they came out of some dystopian novel. But challenges bring opportunities for learning and growth that would not likely occur in times of ease and comfort. So what gifts did 2020 provide to you?

  • You faced challenge after challenge, and kept moving forward.
  • You learned to adapt.
  • You overcame fear and anxiety.
  • You accepted those things that were out of your control.
  • You learned to live with uncertainty.
  • You realized the people in your life who truly meant the most to you, and devoted time and energy to them.
  • You identified the things you could live without, and those things you could not, learning what was most important to you.
  • You took care of yourself in ways that worked for you.
  • You got to know yourself.
  • You learned new definitions for “connection” and found different ways to connect.

So how can you use these to shape 2021?

  • Decide on three from the list, or create your own.
  • Write those three 2020 outcomes down – on a piece of paper for your wallet, on a note in your phone, in a set place in your planner. Maybe, like me, one of yours was that you accepted those things out of your control and learned to live with uncertainty.
  • As 2021 progresses, and you experience new moments of less control or higher uncertainty, you can note that you have experienced these before, and managed them successfully. In essence, you can use the skills you developed in 2020 to powerfully navigate 2021. By doing so, you take the best parts of the old year to enhance the new one.

Just a little something for your insight. – Dr. Robin